Dream Big & Over Deliver

My hero Jason Glass always finishes his podcasts with Dream Big, Over Deliver, and Be Undeniable.  Well, I’m changing it up a bit and I’m saying: Dream Big, Over Deliver and Be Unforgettable!

As a junior golf coach, it is my job to make sure each and every one of the kids in our program enjoy themselves has enjoyed the game.  That is without a shadow of a doubt the most important thing we do.

Saturday, March 26th we hosted our second junior party at Peak performance golf and although the turnout wasn’t as big as our first event it was also a tremendous success.  This past week was also the 30th anniversary of the date the breakfast club met together in detention.  Now you’re probably wondering what these mean and how they go together but bear with me.

The final scene from the Breakfast club is one of the most famous in all movies. And the final song is one of the all-time greats, Simple Minds – Don’t You Forget About Me.  To top all this nostalgia off, there is only one month left in our Junior Program’s winter portion, which happens to be my first time running a program like this.

Relay Race Warm Up
Relay Race Warm Up

With all this going on I had realized what makes Coach Erin’s and my program so different than any other.  (At least in my opinion) Is simply that is that we provide a program and experience that most of our juniors will never forget. Our emphasis on balancing a work and play environment is something that will stay with our juniors and make the lessons they learned that much more applicable and enjoyable.  Whether it is hitting the sand at myself to help learn bunker basics, to playing basketball with us as part of their warm up and work on fitness and coordination. Each and every kid that comes into Peak will leave with memories they will not soon forget.

March Break Camp
March Break Camp

March 14-18th we hosted our first March Break Multi-Sports Camp and I received one of the biggest compliments of my entire career. One of the girls was leaving for Florida on Friday afternoon and was going to miss the final day.  On a Thursday night, I received a phone call from her mother asking if she could come for the morning of the final day because she was having so much fun and didn’t want to miss the last day.  How cool is that?!?  It means we are doing something right if kids want to come to our class before they go to Florida!

The fun and games are great for the young kids but what about the older kids?  The harder to please2016-03-26 19.35.39 kids…. The TEENAGERS? They are my favourite!  I love to be able to chat with them about what is going on in their life outside and inside golf.  For a lot of them, golf is a serious sport and work.  When they can have a moment to relax and not think about what’s going on for a few minutes it helps them to realize their coach cares about them as more than just a golfer.  At the end of the day, I find teenagers enjoy having someone who can be their coach and their friend.  You just need to know when to put the right hat on at the right time.

There is a lot of options for Junior Coaching in the world, in the GTA alone there are dozens of options.  Most of the juniors I work with will work with a number of different instructors but the one thing I believe more than anything else… much like The Breakfast Club, they won’t forget about us.


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