I am a Junior Coach

This past Saturday our team at Peak Performance Golf hosted our first annual Junior Golf Christmas Party. We hosted 40 Junior Golfers ranging from 3 1/2 to 17 years old. We had activities and games ranging from dodge ball to Wii golf We finished the night as we normally do with everyone lining up to hit balls at me in the SNAG Suit.

When the night ended and everyone had left the song “I am” by AWOLNATION came on. For anyone who hasn’t heard the song, it’s quite catchy! The chorus (shown below) to particularly caught my attention.

All of these things made me who I am
Maybe all of these things made me who I am

Now maybe it was the fact that it was 9 pm and I had been at work since 8 am, or that I had just been pelted by several dozen tennis balls and could have been slightly concussed. (probably a mix of both) But the song really stood out to me! So much so I had to write a blog about it.

But before I go on here is a YouTube link to the song:


As I listened to the song I began to think about the words and the events that have unfolded that have made me “who I am”. I’m not going to bore you with all the details, here is the coles notes version in 2009 I was asked to take over the Junior Program at Mississaugua Golf Club,  in 2012 we purchased the SNAG Golf (www.snaggolf.com).  SNAG Golf Changed a lot of Since that time I’ve come to realize several things:

1) Kids like me
2) I am able to connect with kids
3) I love what I do, and I’m grateful to be able to do it daily 
4) Kids REALLY love hitting me with stuff (Tennis Balls, Dodge Balls, and a Golf Balls, you name it)
5) I look good in the SNAG suit

Now I have changed jobs several times during since I’ve started working with kids, but the five points up above have always been constant. Saturday night at our Christmas Party just cemented in my own mind being a Junior Golf Coach is not just I do it’s who I am.


The Girls trying to explain to me what "Duck Face" is
The Girls and I trying to do “Duck Face” after I took off the SNAG suit.

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