I’m not telling you…

So we have all seen the famous and often overused quote by Arthur L. Williams Jr. “I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy it’s going to be worth it” before I’m sure.  If not just look on Instagram and there is literally 1000’s of posts with that quote on their I’m not joking I wish I was there is 1000’s.

So let’s take a different spin on this than the normal one of someone posting a picture of them in a gym and having this quote below.  Let’s talk about what it’s like in the golf industry.  I’d thought I’d bring up a few of the not easy parts and also some of the worth it parts, as both a Coach and as a former Club Pro.

Let me just say something first.  I’m not trying to sounds like another golf pro who’s knocking the golf industry about how hard it is.  Yes it’s not easy to get into, but you know what there is a bunch of good parts to it as well.  You just need to remember them when times are tough.

The Not Easy

 There’s very little time off in during the season

When your golf season is short you have to work to make money.  You work long hours, and lots of days.  This mean’s there isn’t a ton of time off for yourself in the golf world, but for some it’s a labour of love.

The Lack of Family Time

I started at a golf course 10 years ago and the amount of family events I’ve missed since then is staggering.  Unfortunately when everyone else works “regular” jobs it’s tough to make things work when you’re working weekends.

The Seasonality

Let’s call a spade a spade the golf season is exactly that the season.  Therefore a lot of the jobs are just that seasonal.  A lot of jobs for guys coming out of college are between 6 and 8 month long contracts, not full year.  Even as you move up theres a lot of Associate jobs that stretch to maybe 10 if you’re lucky!  Not the easiest way to make a living.


The Worth It

The People

Some of the best people I have ever met are through golf, I’ve been fortunate to work with some great people who have led me to where I am today.  I’ve worked with Celebrities (well their kids technically), and Business Execs alike, and I’ve learned more from those people then you could imagine.

 The Impact

This comes from my new path as a full time Coach.  I never thought in a million years how much influence what I would say would have on people.  Especially young people!  Nothing makes me happier than hearing a young junior golfer say they love golf, or golf is their favorite sport.  Or my personal favorite when they say they didn’t know golf was so much fun.

Just like any job there are good parts and bad parts to being in the golf industry, I am living proof that it’s not always easy doing what we do.  But I can tell you with out a doubt it’s totally worth it!


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