Let’s Get Functional

Following up to Coach Brad’s getting functional blog post last week, I’m going to share his program about how we started in getting him moving the right way to start off.

From the initial assessment, we found that:

  • He had C-posture
  • He had limitation in his hip rotation on both sides and separation between upper and lower body
  • He had tight hamstrings, groin and calves
  • He had weakness in his glute strength to help keep him stable and better control of his hip movements

To target the first step, we focus on improving his muscle tightness and separation between upper and lower body to improve his hip rotation in his golf swing – to correct his pelvis forward sway during his backswing instead of rotating.

Below are the exercises we started with: There is a link to exercise videos when you click on the names


Hamstring Stretch

Foam Roller Lower Body


Gentle Ab Roll
To help improve the separation of lower from upper body while focusing on core to maintain upper body stability

Clam Shells/Reverse Clam Shells – Comerford Hip Complex

To help strengthening his glutes and also improve hip joint rotation at the same tie

Reach Back
To improve thoracic spine rotation (upper spine) that allows more separation between upper and lower body

Hip Twister – Supported
To improve separation as well as control of hip rotation. It is recommended to do it in front of a mirror to watch for any lateral movements or hiking of hips.

Medicine Ball Rotation – Bent Arm Tornadoes
To help improve dissociation between upper and lower body while maintaining core stability

Bird Dog Hip Extension with rotation
To improve core stability while rotating and extending hips, which is important in the golf swing to maintain stability while rotation at a high velocity.

This was the main program we started with for the first month and it is recommended to do these exercises 3-4 times/week with your golf practice to see a difference. Always start with a good dynamic warm up and stretching prior to exercising and practice for a more efficient session. Let us know if you have any questions and stay tuned for our progression posts.


Michele Liew, MS, CAT (C)


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