Perfect Swing, No! Efficient Swing, Yes

Now it’s my turn. Back when I made a deal with my partner Bradley Lawrence, I was excited to see what I what we can do with my game. After 5 years of rarely playing golf with previous injuries, I felt like it is time for a change and so I asked him to help me. As on the first day, my golf swing had probably shocked him but he still accepted the challenge in helping me to fix my game.

During the initial testing process, Bradley didn’t do what every other coach I’ve has done – He did not tell me to shorten my backswing. Instead, he asked me if I have been physically screened myself before. He put me through the TPI Screen and 3D and we found that I do have many physical limitations that resulted in my long swing:

  • Weak glutes – causing me to sway off the ball
  • Lack of shoulder stability – resulting in the right elbow flying up
  • Lack of overall core stability.

So we decided that I will work on my physical limitations for more stability and Bradley started working on my golf swing.

Bradley wanted showed me what were the issues in my swing that could be fixed with him, and how some could be fixed through my own physical training. The key factors he found in my swing were:

  • The Club was pulled too far inside off the golf ball
  • I would lift the club on the backswing to make up for my first move
  • My upper body would move forward to start downswing
  • My hands pulled the club straight down from top of my backswing causing the club to be very steep halfway down


So we started working on my take away first to try and get the club to go back on a better angle vs. being pulled inside, and the club being too flat going back. This resulted in the club being in a better position at the top of the back swing it was flatter, and believe it or not MUCH shorter. I was amazed that I was about to shorten my swing without consciously trying to do it.

We quickly started to move on to how I transition the golf club as well. Because of how long my backswing was I tended to pull the club down steeply from the top, which caused me to move my center of mass forward too much and scoop the ball. Our focus was to work on start the downswing with my hips and try to feel like the club flattened as I transitioned because it was last to go in the transition sequence.

After a couple months working on that, I saw significant improvements in ball striking and consistency. I have gained the confidence that I didn’t have before and was able to hit it further. Not only I have gained distance, speed and confidence, as I strike the balls more consistently my chronic elbow pain gradually decreased and I went back to shooting lower scores that I haven’t been able to shoot in years. Including 80 in North Carolina while at the US Kid’s World Championship one of my lowest rounds in a long time.


As time went on and I became more comfortable with the swing changes we have begun to work on creating a consistent shot shape to help create more predictability in my golf game. We have progressed to increasing flexion at lead wrist at the top of backswing and through downswing to overcome the amount of casting and scooping from before. It has been feeling great hitting the ball a farther distance, with a slight draw and most importantly less pain on my trail elbow!

After these months, the swing is still a little long. However, I guess it has gotten to a better position to start my downswing that leads to a better club path and ball striking and the golf game has been much more enjoyable since! There is a lot more to work on, but I am grateful to work with Bradley and looking forward to more!

Michele Liew


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