5 People I Hope To Interview

In 2016 I got out of my fish bowl and decided I was going to make a podcast, and after 29 episodes I cut it short and decided I had achieved what I wanted and called it quits. Well Jason Glass asked me what am I going to do to make my “plums shrivel” in 2017. Why not 29 more episodes? And I thought to myself I like that idea! But this time I am going to do it differently. Less of me talking and hopefully more of other people talking with me!

Now without further ado I give you my top 5 people I’m hoping to interview for the Coach Brad Podcast in 2017.

5 – Chris Lutes

I had him lined up to be a podcast guest then well life happened he got married, I got busy, and it never happened. He is might be Canada’s second best Junior Coach next to Doug Lawrie so he would absolutely be a fun on to talk with.

4 – Michele Holmes

Have you seen her instagram account? She teaches is the god mother of Junior Golf, and he doesn’t like public speaking. What better way to make her more comfortable with it than with a hard hitting interview with the Coach?

3 – Scott Cowx

Have you ever seen Scott on Instagram? I’m pretty sure he teaches robots who smash the golf ball. And he is going to be on the range at Augusta National! How freaking cool is that?!

2 – Rob Brydges

For those who haven’t seen AirTime Fitness you are missing out! And for anyone who wants to build a heck of a community he is someone you need to talk to. He’s done some pretty cool stuff out in Moncton New Brunswick creating a community both locally and around the world that I am proud to say I am a part of.

1 – Anyone from The Mind Side

I don’t really care who it is they all seem to be Rock Stars, I can’t pick favourites either because that would be unfair to them if I had to pick one well it would be fun to ask the Doc what’s his Peak? Or Donnette what it’s like to win an Emmy!


Honourable Mentions –

John Bryan from US Kids Golf. The man has some awesome stories to share about how US Kid’s started and can really share insights into what makes the company so special.

Chase Cooper From MySwing – Yes he was on once before but it would be fun to chat with him again maybe talk more about what golf pro’s need to know about 3D.

Robert Penner – He is a partner in Ted and Dave’s Custom Golf but his names Robert? Either way they are doing something right over there! I won’t hold it against him being from Calgary.

And last but not least my Dream Big Guest for 2017. The reason why I started the Coach Brad Podcast in the first place. The main reason I call myself Coach Brad…. Coach Glass himself. It’s a long shot I mean I’m not a big time podcaster yet, but one can only Dream Big, Over Deliver, and Be Undeniable until that dream happens.

Thanks to everyone for the support in 2016, watch out this February I’ll be bring back the Coach Brad Podcast full force for another season. I couldn’t stay away it’s just too much fun.


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