It Takes 2 Part 1


When it comes to improving your golf game it’s not a one man (or women) show. To really get down to the nitty gritty of what you need to do to improve you golf game you need to be more Rob Bass and DJ EZ Rock because when it comes to improving your golf game “it takes two to make things go right, it takes two to make it out of sight.” Now after that classic reference your probably thinking those are not the lyrics Coach, and what do you mean it takes two? Well let me explain.

I am Golf Coach I can help you score better, swing better, hit the ball farther and straighter and as a TPI Certified Professional preform a TPI Screen on you to tell you what some of your physical limitations are.  I’ve dedicated the last 10 years of my life understanding how to make players swing better, and score better. I can also make sure your clubs are right for you. What I don’t do? Fix your physical limitations that is not what I am trained to do.

My coaching partners Dr. Nick Martichenko and Michele Liew are Medical Professionals.  Dr. Nick is a Chiropractor and a Strength Coach, Michele is an Athletic Therapist both are TPI Level 3 Medical Professionals. They don’t tell you how to score better, or how to swing a club better but they can do what I can’t. They can help fix the physical limitations that are found during your TPI Screen and correct them through exercises and manual therapy.

Why are they so important to making your journey better?  As stated above I am able to identify your physical limitations and I can work around them to improve your game. If you really want to improve though they are an important piece of the puzzle, working with a TPI Certified Fitness or Medical Professional can help decrease the time it takes to change motor patterns they fix the physical issues that effect your swing. The most important thing though is that both the golf professional and the physical professional work together to ensure we fix what is best for the player.



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