It Takes 2 Part 2

One of my shining examples of this was a gentlemen named Eckart Klumpp. He came to us in May of this year looking to break 90 and hit the ball farther. Michele and I took him through his initial assessment and we found the following:

Physical Screen

  • His hips were tight and he had limited mobility this meant he couldn’t separate his upper and lower body
  • His T-Spine mobility was limited which hurt his ability to rotate

He had an old injury in his left wrist that he had surgery on that cause him to struggle to rotate his left wrist

Fightscope Data

  • His club path was consistently well to the left (8-14 degrees)
  • He added a lot of loft to the golf club at impact and left the club face open
  • His ball flight was high weak and right

Important to note that up here in Canada we have a short season, so we didn’t want to go reinvent the wheel with Eckart because he wanted to make the most of the season. For most people when you see lack of separation and coming over the top that is the first thing you would tackle. Eckarts lack of separation caused the over the top move, but the old injury in his lead wrist caused the club face to stay open and slice right. We decided to fix his Physical issues in the following order:

  • Rehab and improve mobility on the injured wrist
  • Increase mobility in T-Spine
  • Fix separation and hip tightness

Why did we go this route? For Eckart a person who works full time, and plays golf for fun we wanted him to be able to play as we improved his game. By fixing his lead wrist first it allowed him to start to close the club face and start to hit straighter. For him hitting a ball that was a “pull slice” was a big improvement. This allowed the ball to finish closer to the target. After that we tackled his T-Spine Mobility because it allowed him to get a little more rotation in his backswing and created more distance, and speed.

As Michele worked on him with the physical side I worked him on understanding how to move his body correctly in the swing, and also how to hit different shots with his new found mobility. This was key because as his body was changing we needed to make sure we kept his swing going.

We are currently working on separation and improving his club path more, but being a full time CEO makes it tough for him to practice and do his exercises as much as he would like. After 3 months of working together Eckarts game was completely changed, he went from trying to break 90 to shooting low 80’s. He is able to get the club face closed, and hit pull draws vs push cuts and has gained yardage and is enjoying the game much more.

Could this have been achieved working with just myself? Possibly but it wouldn’t have take a lot more work and he wouldn’t have improved as fast.



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