Do You Know The Health Benefits of Golf?

“Most golfers enjoy golf as a recreational activity to stay physically active. In the latest World Golf Foundation meeting (, researchers have proposed many ideas on golf and health and the findings have been very convincing. Wonder what have they found?

To play a round of golf – 18 holes:

Golfers who carry their bag and walk burns 721 calories

Golfers who pull a cart burns 718 calories

Golfers who play with a caddy burns 613 calories

Golfers who ride on the golf cart burns 411 calories

I bet you didn’t think you burn that much calories in a round of golf. Let’s keep going…

Golfers who play a round of golf walks average around 6500 yards (over 8000km)

Will take around 12,000 steps and exceeding the daily-recommended steps for regular health.

We all have heard physical activity is the best medicine for better health, so what about life expectancy for golfers?

Golfers have also been tracked with a 5 years longer life expectancy when compared to average people who don’t golf.

Now what about our younger population playing golf? (and hopefully golf in addition to all other sports!)

Children and youth playing golf have also shown better focus and psychosocial habits from participation in the physical activity.


Want to read more about this on-going study and help promote the game of golf?

Check out Golf and Health Organization

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