Your Preshot Routine and You


You probably read this blog title and said huh?  What does that even mean.  Well let’s take myself and Michele as an example for this post.

Here is a some history about Michele:

  • She has a Masters Degree
  • Graduated Top of her class with honours
  • Thinks everything through
  • Loves to make lists and check things off
  • Wants to ensure everything is prepared
  • Likes to know all details before she does anything
  • Speaks slowly
  • Takes long to respond wants answer to be logical

History about myself

  • Applied to college 2 weeks before it started
  • Won two scholarships applying for both last second
  • Applied for a job and got it before he told anyone he applied (Twice)
  • Barley can organize a two car parade
  • Flies by the seat of his pants
  • To Do lists scare him
  • Talks fast
  • Doesn’t always think before he speaks

What does all this mean?  Well we have two VERY different personalities.  Michele likes to think things through and figure out exactly how she wants to do everything, while I on the other hand trust my gut and just go for it.  Both are good and bad, both have redeeming factors and both can lead to trouble.  But both match exactly what we do with our pre shot routines.

Michele before each shot will:

  • Figures out the yardage
  • Checks the wind
  • Picks a club
  • Does 2 practice swings behind the ball
  • Visualizes the shot
  • Total time 45 – 60 seconds

And she does this every single time!

Myself on the other hand does this:

  • Looks at yardage
  • Picks Club
  • Makes a partial practice swing while visualizing
  • Total time 30 seconds (MAX)


Is one pre shot routine better than the other?  Not really.  Is one better for one that the other?  Absolutely!  Because Michele is an analytical personality who likes to think things through her routine matches perfectly.  Mine is much more laze fair and less thinking more reacting to the shot which is much more fits with who I am.

The moral of this blog?  Make sure your practice routine follows your personality.  If you are a trust your gut type of person then trust it and go.  But if you’re not instead you like analyze everything then do exactly that.  Your golf game will thank you.









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